First Summer Outing

If plans will push thru, I’ll have my first summer outing in April. And it’s gonna be a team building activity of our office. My officemate and I took care of making the reservation in the resort. Right now, I’m waiting for the quotation to reach my inbox.

After reading some reviews online, we settled for this beach resort in San Juan, Batangas. Aside from the nice view and the good accommodation, what I liked about this beach resort was the price. You know, everything has to fit in our budget. I would have liked the place better if they had a swimming pool (I’m okay if it doesn’t have new pump and filter hayward parts so long as it’s clean), but it seems they didn’t have any. Or I just didn’t see one on their website. Whatever.

Have you had your first outing this summer already? Tell me about it! 🙂

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