Some Wedding-Related Ideas

There was a wedding held in the restaurant where I work this morning. I was on duty so I saw everything from the table setting to the little decorations that they setup inside the ancestral house to create their desired look. I think the theme was vintage and based on what I saw, they definitely chose the perfect venue and achieved the vintage feel that they wanted.

Having been there witnessing the turn of events including the program has made me really inspired. I hope my upcoming wedding becomes just as beautiful and memorable. I also got some ideas from that particular wedding which I hope to replicate in my own wedding. Like one of the games where they gave out a new cell phone and the trivia game where some chosen guests participated.

I had fun watching the trivia game because most of the chosen participants failed to answer the questions thrown their way. They ended up doing the dares from the “consequence” part of the game which were either funny, bold or slightly embarrassing. The women guests were so “game” while the men were quite shy they looked like they seriously needed xomax benefits to serve as testosterone boosters. Haha.

It was a fun wedding. I’m sure the newlyweds were very happy about how the entire wedding turned out. ­čÖé

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