When Jokes Become Offensive

They say jokes are half-meant. That people say jokes to communicate their subconscious thoughts indirectly, in a light manner. This is sometimes true and sometimes not. I believe it depends on the true intention of the person when joking. Jokes are people’s way of switching to a different topic or simply making things lighter and more fun. Sometimes, jokes are people’s way to show that they are in control of things, even if oftentimes that’s not really the case.

I love to joke around with people. Yes, I can be cool like that. But I guess, sometimes, I tend to give the meanest jokes that some people get offended by them. But what can I do? I’m just trying to keep things light. Or perhaps, in some situations, I’m just trying to lessen my worries when deep inside I’m anxious about something. At least I know in my heart I don’t have bad intentions when I say these jokes.

Jokes should never be taken seriously. They are just jokes, after all. No more, no less.

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