Summer Playing

Summer never fails to make me reminisce of my childhood life in the province. Back then, summer was the most awaited part of the year. At least, for kids like me. We’d usually play under the sun (we’re not conscious of our complexion yet!) wherever our feet take us: our backyard, my playmates’ backyard, on the street, in the middle of the road, in the farms owned by my friends, the riverbank, and those public parks scattered all over town.

My most favorite place to play when I was a kid were the public parks because they had slides, see saws and other playground equipment that could make every child happy. I wish I could still play with all those things at my age now. Hmmmm, why not? I know I still can. Haha.

I love, love, love, summer. And I really miss being young and carefree like the child I once was. 🙂

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