Pregnant and Confirmed!

After two home pregnancy tests (April 15th and 22nd) and a check-up with the Ob-Gyne (last Saturday), we’re now 100% sure that I’m pregnant. We’re overjoyed! We can’t thank God enough. This is such a huge blessing that the hubby and I will be eternally grateful for.

I’m happy that everything is fine with our baby. We heard the heart beat for the first time and the experience was priceless and out of this world. Yipeeee! We’re very excited about this development and we can’t wait for our baby to be born. I’m okay with whatever the gender is, but one of the grandmas seriously wants a girl she’s even started looking for baby girl clothes and kids bedding sets for girls. Haha.

My due date is still far and I know I will go through a lot in the coming months up to the time of the baby’s delivery. I’m up for it, though. Everything for a healthy and normal baby. 🙂

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    1. Salamat, Mareng Superf! Haha, advance talaga, mare na agad. Medyo malayo pa ang lalakbayin ko, pero paghahandaan ko ito at ieenjoy ang bawat stage. At siyempre, dapat prayers always. 🙂

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