Online Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Last time I checked, I already gained 10 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. Wow, that (and the already noticeable bump!) should explain why I feel unusually heavy these days. Actually, a lot of my pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit me anymore. Bummer.

something comfy for the preggy me

Meanwhile, I have started wearing dresses in the office this week and I liked it. Even I, myself, was surprised. I initially planned to avoid wearing maternity dresses all throughout my pregnancy but it seems I had a major shift in perspective.

Given the scenario, I guess a shopping spree is imminent. I prefer to do it online this time, though. Online shopping for maternity clothes sounds like a great idea to me. Time to explore the web for shopping coupons first. I need to get my hands on those discount promo codes for Personal Creations that my friend was talking about last night on FB. I’m all for saving money when shopping, are you? 🙂

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