Prenatal Visit

Last Saturday, I went to UST Hospital to visit my Ob-Gyne along with my hubby and my SIL. It was time for my second prenatal check-up. I was worried as usual but it turned out everything was okay with the baby. We just listened to its heartbeat and I got new vitamin prescription and that was it.

We asked the doctor’s opinion as to when the best time would be to get a scan to find out the gender of our baby. She recommended getting one when I’m at 24 weeks already, that would be at least two months from now. We’re very excited to know if we’re having a boy or a girl. If my instincts are right, we’re having a boy. Oh, I wish! I wish!

By the way, I think my Ob-Gyne is the best. Aside from being very knowledgeable, she’s gentle and soft-spoken. She answers all my pregnancy-related questions and never fails to satisfy me with her service. I started seeing her in 2010 along with my Superfriend (just for annual, routine check-ups) and when I got pregnant, visiting a different doctor never crossed my mind. Her name is Dr. Marcella R. Cabatu. She’s retired already but holds a private clinic at UST Hospital until present day.

On another note, it’s the start of the workweek today and yet I’m still daydreaming of the weekend that past. I really love spending weekends at home! 🙂

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