Five Months

I’m five months pregnant and life can’t be more exciting for me. Our baby has been more active than ever, making stronger kicks and flutters every now and then. Feeling these movements from our little one never fails to make our day. I don’t even mind getting disturbed from my precious slumber by the baby in the middle of the night, which has been the case lately.

The only pregnancy symptom I’m having these days is heartburn. I manage it by eating small meals or when it has already struck, I would sit up straight to elongate the lining on my esophagus or just let the pain go away on its own (usually takes a few minutes).

The hubby and I are very excited over the scheduled ultrasound on July 28. Finally, we’re gonna find out the baby’s gender! My hopes are high that it’s gonna be a boy but the hubby said whatever the gender will be, he’ll gladly accept it. He said the baby’s health is far more important to him. Okay, fine. 🙂

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