Pregnancy Learning is Fun

Pregnancy has opened a lot of avenues for learning to me. And I’m surprised by how interested I have become in understanding more about my delicate condition and my baby. I can’t believe pregnancy can be this enriching and fun to learn!

If before, I surf the net mainly to blog hop, check out online news, browse through shopping sites or look for discount online jewelry, now I gravitate towards pregnancy topics like a metal object to a magnet does. Every day, new pregnancy questions come up in my mind and I make sure that I get the answers to them straight from Mr. Google.

I know I still have tons to learn on pregnancy (it’s my first time, after all!). That’s why I look forward to browsing through pregnancy sites (where I get to read first-hand pregnancy experiences by moms all over the world) day by day at the comforts of our home and sometimes, during breaks at work. ­čÖé

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