Review: Cignal Digital TV

Four months ago, we applied for a cable subscription from Cignal. We decided on the P590 plan with a lock-in period of 12 months. There are only two cable providers in our subdivision then and we chose Cignal because of its cheaper rates and the fact that they provide some really nice HD channels already.

Cignal satellite dish attached to our house

So far, we’re having a good cable TV viewing experience with Cignal. The HD channels (HBO HD, NBA Premium HD, Starworld HD, etc.) that come with our plan are really very clear. As for the non-HD channels, I’m okay with the not-so-clear screen so long as the line-up of shows are interesting. And it seems Cignal doesn’t disappoint on that part.

I guess our only complaint is that during heavy downpours, our cable signal disappears with the rain. Haha. That’s because Cignal utilizes satellite digital TV signals and not land-based ones.

On a positive note, I like that Cignal provides its clients with two cable service options (prepaid and postpaid) to suit individual needs. Their rates are reasonable, too, with plans that range from as low as P390 to as high as P1,590 per month.

If you’re like us who are budget-conscious yet wishes to have a good cable TV viewing experience, Cignal may just be the right cable provider for you!

Are you a Cignal subscriber too? How’s your experience with it? 🙂

Cignal website:

Cignal customer service:
(02) 244-6251 (Metro Manila)
1-800-10-244-6251 (outside Metro Manila)

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