First Salary

Last Thursday was a happy time for my side of the family. My sister N, a new member of the Philippine labor force, finally received her first salary. The salary was supposed to get into her brand new and shiny ATM on August 7 but due to the bad weather, it was delayed by two days. But my sister didn’t mind at all; she was more overwhelmed with the fact that she now earns a living! Yipee!

Between my brother D and and my sister N, the latter is more mature when it comes to handling finances. As soon as she withdrew the money from her ATM, she divided it immediately to where they should go. She gave my mom some money and our sister J, too. She even allotted money to buy new clothes for herself, a leather repair kit for our old sofa (as requested by dad), and some groceries.

But I guess that most important thing she did was that she designated a part of her salary to pay for the two utilities I’ve recently asked her to shoulder: Meralco and PLDT. You know, just so she could start becoming a responsible member of our family.

I’m just so proud of my sister N! And I hope that as early as now, she’ll start to save up for her future. I say the earlier, the better. ­čÖé

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