Happy Momma

My mom laughs a lot. She has a cheerful disposition. She also has a great sense of humor and she doesn’t even know that. She’s like the clown in our family. There’s no dull moment with her around. I think my mom really suits my dad because he’s a very quiet man.

My mom is a happy woman but she can be emotional at times. At one point in her life, she was a crying lady. It was when she cried like a waterfall wall when her sister died and she didn’t have money to fly to the province to attend her burial service. I was still a kid then and didn’t understand a thing. I just saw her crying and instinctively, I cried with her. Haha.

I decided to blog about my mom because I already miss her. She, along with my dad and two siblings, are staying in their house in Cavite until after the New Year celebration. 🙂

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