Red Velvet Cakes and Cupcakes

I love red velvet cakes and cupcakes. I guess it’s the red velvet color, the hint of chocolate, the cream cheese icing, the not-too-sweet taste. Okay, make it everything about them. I even looked for a good red velvet cake recipe online so I could bake some in the future.

Cukay’s red velvet cupcake is love!

I remember the first time I tasted a red velvet cake was in the office. Our boss brought some for us to share. One bite and I got hooked. That’s why whenever I’d go to a café or a food bazaar now (hello Mercato and Soderno!), I always look for it. I’m just not sure if S&R has it because I’ve seen muffins there in our last visit.

Red velvet, may it be in the form of cake or cupcake, is now officially included in my list of comfort food. Haha.

2 Replies to “Red Velvet Cakes and Cupcakes”

    1. Cukay’s pa lang na-try ko na may name. Then nagbake na ako ng sarili kong red velvet, pero cake hindi cupcake. Try ko nga cupcakes naman next time! 🙂

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