Happy 2013!

I can only wish for a better and happier life this year of the snake. I know that despite all the not-so-good things that happened to us in 2012, we are still too blessed to complain. Hopefully, we can have a new start this 2013 and put in new efforts to pursue our dreams.

Which is kinda exciting. I know a lot of people who make a list of goals and try to achieve them all year round. I hope I can make one, too. But it seems it’s not my priority at present. All I want is to live each day as if it’s my last. I’ll be brave to face my fears and try to do the things I normally don’t see myself doing. It’s gonna be a tough challenge but I’m up for it.

This 2013, happiness and stability remain to be my top goals. And I’m not making any resolutions except for spending as much time as I can with the people dear to me and appreciating every gesture of kindness that they (and random strangers) would show me.

I wish you all a better year this 2013! Cheers! 🙂

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