Getting Fit with Zumba

Zumba is a Colombian dance fitness program developed in the 1990s. It combines Latin and international music for a more fun and interesting workout. A lot of people swears by its effectiveness in losing weight and getting those shapely curves.

zumba time with the girls from work

I first tried zumba during a fitness event I attended before. A friend reintroduced me to this unique form of exercise a few weeks go and when I tried it again, I got hooked. Actually, I just wanted to lose weight and harness my dancing skills (or lack thereof). Haha.

The hubby has already joined me in my zumba craze. We tried zumba last weekend. I hope this becomes a regular thing for him, too, like after he has read garmin astro 320 reviews in his fave tech magazine on weekends. I wish, I wish!

Have you tried Zumba yet? How’s your experience with it? 🙂

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