Not the High-Heels Kind of Girl

I don’t think I’m a high-heels kind of girl. For work, I wear mostly flat shoes. I wear heels only when I feel like it (which is seldom). Or when we have an event and it’s required that we wear a dress or a gown that pairs well with heels. But then, I can’t say I abhor heels because the truth is, I love them.

my camel peep-toe pumps from Parisian by SM

It’s ironic how I continue to buy high-heeled shoes whenever I chance upon a pair that looks nice and comes in a friendly price. Yet I don’t wear them on a regular basis. I just know I can’t sacrifice comfort over style so I choose flats most of the time. While it’s true that wearing heels makes you feel sexier and chicer and gives you more confidence, I easily get lazy wearing heels because I feel that it requires so much effort on my part, if you know what I mean.

My high-heeled shoes are just collecting dust in the cabinet. Maybe it’s true that I love looking at them more than using them. Do you also get that feeling, wherein you find satisfaction just from staring at the things you bought that are actually meant for wearing? I do. Haha. Maybe I’m just different like that. 🙂

3 Replies to “Not the High-Heels Kind of Girl”

  1. I think I only bought 2 pairs, but I’m always gifted kaya madami din ako heeled shoes. Hindi ko din magagamit, not heeled-shoe type of girl too. hehe

    1. And you’re tall naman, kaya keri pa din kahit naka-flats. But I’m glad I’m not the only one na hindi mahilig mag high heels. Hehe. 😉

      1. Oo nga, nagrereklamo mga lalaki dito sa office pag nagheheels ako. But after ko manganak, nagheheels na ko. Its my form of exercise, effort magheels you know that.hehe

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