It’s a Brand New Day

The previous days were messy, awful and just plain scary. Typhoon Maring and Habagat have once again proven just how vulnerable we are to the forces of nature. That in just one snap, families could be homeless, properties could be destroyed and lives could be taken. Thank God we’re all safe now and enjoying a brand new day!

Our recent typhoon experience as a couple proved to be manageable albeit scary, too. We were at home in Bacoor last weekend and when the rains poured hard Sunday night, our house almost got flooded. We were very alert at that time and started transferring furniture and stuff upstairs. We really prepared for the worse. It was a good thing we bought a two-storey town house, otherwise we won’t have a place to keep our things safe and dry.

the flood outside our house

view from our second floor window

On Monday night, the hubby and I mutually decided to brave the roads and go home to Manila where our families were. The major thoroughfares in Bacoor were still soaked in flood waters and the rains continued pouring hard but we managed to get home safe and sound. It was zero visibility, I tell you. I was praying non-stop so that God would give the hubby the wisdom, focus and alertness he needed while driving.

Going home proved to be the best option for us because at least, we were with our families and we wouldn’t have to get worried about one another anymore because we were together already. We were thankful that our homes here in Manila were in good condition, no flood whatsoever inside. Work and school classes got suspended on Monday and Tuesday. We were stuck at home. We just glued on the TV watching news and awaiting weather advisories while praying for the rains to stop and for the typhoon to finally leave Philippine territories.

As they say, everything has an end. Today, Thursday, is a beautiful day. There’s still rain outside on my way to work, but at least things are starting to return to normal for every Filipino. Help continues to pour in and I hope the government and NGOs would continue to work together in their relief efforts. Help from the private sector are highly encouraged, too. Let’s help in whatever little way we can.

And yes, let’s move on and face life no matter how hard it could be for a lot of us, especially those who have been victims of the storm. As for me, I guess I’ll already start Christmas shopping by looking for some led christmas candles for windows online.

Have a great Thursday, people! 🙂

2 Replies to “It’s a Brand New Day”

  1. Naku na-sampolan pala kayo ni Maring. We have our own “Maring” story too (you know how busy our Monday should have been) but not this alarming. Glad to know you’re all safe and ready to face a brand new day. 😉

    1. Korek, kamuntik na talaga, kabado na si mister (well, natural na nerbyoso naman talaga sya eh). Haha. Oo nga, lahat may sariling typhoon story, mas mabigat nga lang yung sa iba. Lekat na bad weather yan. Thank God we’re all safe! 🙂

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