Online Sellers of Handcrafted Stuff

I wish to put up my own business in the future. I don’t have the capital now that’s why I want to pursue this dream a little later in my life. For now, I’ll just enjoy the feeling of being mighty proud of my two friends who have recently opened their online business. They sell handcrafted stuff. My friend Adel makes pretty headbands for little girls while my superfriend Nice makes bags, cellphone cases, purses and organizers for everyone who needs them.

one of Adel’s lovely creations

Handmade products are special because they are made with burning passion and love. If you’re interested in what my two friends sell, head on over to their FB pages. Just type in “Peekabow” for Adel’s and “Nicely Crafted” for Nice’s on the search bar. If you’re buying in bulk to give away to your friends, they might just offer you wholesale prices on your order. Don’t forget to tell them that you found them through me!

one of Nice’s artsy pieces

Happy online shopping for handcrafted stuff! 🙂

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