Learning Never Stops

When a learning opportunity presents itself, you just grab it. It doesn’t always come around, so you better take it. I just did this yesterday by deciding to attend a 3-day seminar on protocol, diplomatic etiquette and decorum. It’s related to my work, so why not? It didn’t hurt that it was free and all I needed to do was to attend and participate in it.

scene from the seminar

This year, I want to learn as many new things as I can. Instead of using my free time surfing the net looking for some pretty accessories or some used engine lathe for sale, I’d rather read a new book or cook a new dish. Or better yet, learn a new skill!

Learning is a continuous process. It never stops. By learning, we gain knowledge which makes us powerful in many ways. We just have to open ourselves to it and it’ll be worthwhile and productive for us. 🙂

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