Winter in Manila

Obviously, I’m just exaggerating. Winter in Manila? It won’t happen in this lifetime, unless there’d be a change in our country’s location in the universe. But we can always have a cold weather, like what we’re experiencing the past weeks. Isn’t it fun? The drop in temperature outside (which averages at 18 to 22 degrees Celsius) makes me wanna sleep all day. Not bad, especially if I don’t have work to attend to. But I have, so I guess I’ll just reserve the enjoyment for before and after-office hours only.

I can think of tons of things to do during a cold day. Most of them can be done inside the house, no need to go out and spend money. Like cooking and baking. Or reading books. Or having a DVD marathon. Or listening to music. Or better yet, playing a musical instrument like a cheap keyboard piano. Or simply cuddling with my husband. You get my point.

Oh well, please pardon the effects of the cold weather here in Manila to my imaginative mind. 🙂

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