An Answered Prayer

Every day is a gift. Now, more than ever, I appreciate the married life the hubby and I share. It may not be perfect (and will never be), but it has all the components of a blessed union. Just recently, the hubby has received a blessing that’s sure to add a certain level of security to our finances — a job promotion. I’d say it’s long overdue considering the length of time he’s been doing a good job but as they say, it’s better late than never!

I love it when our prayers are answered. With this particular one, it’s like an affirmation from God that the hubby’s career is right where it is now. He’s very happy (and I’m super happy for him, too) because he had prayed for this for so long. And I think he’s long been prepared for the new role. When you are rewarded with something as delicate and significant as a job promotion, you take care of it and make sure to show everyone that you deserve it. Also, getting the reward is one thing, managing it is another. I just hope the hubby gets to live up to the expectations of his boss, his peers and his subordinates.

Thank you dear God for this great blessing. We are truly grateful. 🙂

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