Short Patience or Long Patience?

I think I can have both. My patience is somehow stretchable depending on the situation I’m in or the entities involved. You could see me waiting patiently in one corner and you could see me getting anxious about something. Indeed, patience is a virtue that many people (myself included) can’t handle well at all times.

I have short patience when it comes to myself, activities, tasks and money-related issues. For instance, I can be very agitated about my pending tasks that I really have to finish doing them before the deadline so I could be at peace. On the other hand, I have long patience when it comes to people. Even if you are rude, inconsiderate, or worse, have attitude problem, I will try my best to understand you and deal with you with an open mind. Yes, no judgment. We could even be friends.

How about you, is your patience short or long or stretchable like mine? 🙂

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