A Cultural Soirée

I’ve never attended a soirée before. Last night was the first time and it was a pleasant experience for me. Just to be clear, I didn’t go there as a guest. It was purely work for me and for my officemates. But we did get seated in one of tables (this rarely happens) and we took advantage of that opportunity to enjoy the rest of the night.

photo 1(1)
table setting

The cultural soirée was for the participants of the World Economic Forum for East Asia which the Philippines hosted this year. As expected, it was attended by our President (and one more leader), a handful of local and foreign ministers, members from the international business community and media and private individuals representing their respective groups and organizations. It started with cocktails, then dinner and ended with a cultural show.

photo 2(1)
with my two colleagues

It’s safe to say it was a successful event and everyone had a great time (that I’d like to assume because we were the one who organized it). Haha. 🙂

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