Weekend Story: New Godchild, The Maze Runner and Sundate with Family

I only have a few godchildren. I’m not a “mabentang Ninang” like some people I know. But last Saturday, the universe conspired and made me a godmother again. Meet Eliana Jermaine, my newest godchild! She’s the daughter of my officemate Jerry and she was baptized at the Our Lady of Assumption Church in Malate, Manila. Isn’t she a cutie?


After my godmother duty, the hubby and I already drove home in Bacoor. That night, we watched this movie titled “The Maze Runner” on TV via USB. It’s a good movie with powerful acting and unpredictable plot. We enjoyed it so much we’re already looking forward to the next installment. I heard it’s a trilogy and the second movie will be released September of next year.

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Our Sunday was spent at the church in the morning hearing the mass. Then in the late afternoon, we drove back to Manila and spent the night with my in-laws. We went to SM Manila and had dinner there. I joined my MIL and my SIL at the supermarket while my FIL went to the salon for a hair cut.

dinner at Max’s SM Manila with my in-laws

The hubby, on the other hand, went straight to the cyber zone and ended up buying a tempered glass screen protector for his phone. He said he got lucky because he bought it from Case Logic at a reasonable price of P699. Apparently, it’s way cheaper than the ones sold at Power Mac Center. Despite that fact and his justification for buying it, I still think it’s just a luxury and his phone can do without it. Haha.


How are you, friends? I hope Typhoon Ruby didn’t pose a major threat to the safety of your family and properties. We’ve been in Manila since Sunday so we haven’t been much affected. I heard she’s going to leave soon. Hay, buti naman! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. I had three new godchildren this year! Ok lang din naman. I take it as a privilege. It means that the parents trust me enough to make me their child’s second parent. Haha. Ayun nga lang, ang dami, I already lost track na. :p I agree with you with The Maze Runner. After watching the movie, hubby and I tried to look for the book version. Kaso laging out of stock. Ang cute pa ng dalawang bida! :p


    1. Natuwa rin ako na nagtiwala sila na gawin akong Ninang. Haha. Meron pa nga akong isang aanakin sa binyag (anak ng cousin ko) pero baka next year pa raw nag-iipon pa sila. Waaaah, oo ang cute nga ng dalawang bida at bagay na bagay sa kontrabidang si Gally (Will Poulter) ang role nya. Sya rin yung tatlo ang mata sa Percy Jackson movie, diba? 🙂

  2. Magkatulad pala tayo di din mabentang ninang,haha! few lang din mga inaanak ko kaya palaging may gift sakin mga pamangkin ko kahit anong okasyon at achievements, hehe! Ang cute ng inaanak mo, a.

    May bagyo nga daw e mabuti nakaalis na din sya, hope you guys are ok, too. =)

    1. Pareho pala tayo, Joy! Thanks, cute nga ang batang yan at tahimik lang hindi iyakin. Hehe. Okay din sakin ang hindi mabentang Ninang, tipid sa gastos sa regalo. 🙂

  3. Ang cute naman, sarap kurutin nang pisngi hehe.

    Madalang rin akong kunin ninang. Nung teenager pa lang anak ko, siya ang panay kinukuha nang mga friends and relatives namin pero ang suma total ako rin ang nadadale sa pamasko at pabirthday dahil wala naman trabaho pa nun anak ko. Lupet!

    1. Yung husband ko super dami rin ng inaanak, lagpas pa sa edad nya. Sya ang ehemplo ng isang mabentang Ninong. Nung binata pa sya, yung MIL ko din ang gumagastos sa pamasko at pabirthday. Haha. 🙂

  4. Wow! Last sunday we attended a baptism too. Although it was my boyfriend who became the Ninong. =) I wasn’t the mabentang ninang like you. Hehehe. =)

  5. wow, ang cute cute nya :)….ako mabenta sa pagni-ninang kasi single pa, lampas na sa daliri ko pag binilang pero yung iba dalaginding na rin :)) kaya pag pasko masakit sa bulsa although masaya naman…..

  6. Agree on screen protectors. High end phones (kahit nga yung ibang hindi ganun ka high end) are boasting of their corning gorilla glass achuchuchu… And I guess totoo! My 3 yr old s3 never had a screenprotector ni walang gasgas. My iPad din walang screenprotector, pinaghahampasan pa ni Skye. Even my iPhone wala din. Although yung case, importante daw. Pero wala din case iphone ko. nyahahaha! Naniniwala akong dahil mahal sila (although 4s lang phone ko sa mura na) dapat matibay sila. Hihihi..

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