Weekend Story: Overnight Stay in Baguio

The hubby and I were in Baguio on April 8-9. Through the kindness of the bosses of my PILs, we were able to stay at the Legarda Mansion there. The Legarda family has been trying to sell the property since the start of the year and my PILs sort of wanted to check it out for the last time. My FIL wasn’t able to join us, though, because he suddenly had something important to do. It was just the hubby, my SIL, my MIL, and me. It was a fun trip and despite my upset stomach, we were able to drive around Baguio with British to eat and shop.

Here are some photos from that trip:

quick stop at the Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan

British goes to Baguio!

pizza volante
our lunch spread at Pizza Volante, Ayala Technohub

photo by The Mansion (perk of being Malaca├▒ang employees)

dinner at Cafe by the Ruins

a part of the Legarda mansion where we stayed for the night

Have a productive week, friends! ­čÖé

May you choose happiness always,

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