Weekend Story: High School Reunion + Haynet’s Resort and Country House in Gapan

Last weekend, the hubby and I, along with my parents, traveled to my hometown in Nueva Ecija. Daddy and I attended the 1st grand alumni homecoming of our high school. We were quite excited because you know, reunion. Nakakatuwa kasi very active mag-attend yung mga matatanda kesa sa mga bata. Among our batch, we were only 10. The older batches, on the other hand, came mostly in big groups. There were lots of food served and raffle prizes given away. The program was very fun, too, as there were parlor games and production numbers from those active batches. All these and the fact that I got to catch up with some of my high school buddies was worth our trip.

Because I wanted our driver (the hubby) to rest well before driving such a long distance again (read: at least 110km) back to Manila, and for my parents to relax a bit, I booked a room good for four persons at this laidback resort called Haynet’s Resort and Country House in Gapan (our neighboring town). I paid P3,500 for it. Not bad considering that the room had aircon already and was spacious enough for the four of us. Service was awesome, too. Plus, we got to use their swimming pool for our morning swim (just Mame and me) and their lawn for our mandatory photo session, haha.

Some photos from our weekend:

reunion 1
with some of my high school classmates

with bes
with my high school best friend who’s a PAO lawyer

reunion 2
our small group

gapan night market 2
at Gapan night market for a quick stroll…

Gapan night market
…and dinner!

nice room
our room at Haynet’s Resort and Country House

breakfast for four

haynet villas
the villas of Haynet’s

Mame 2
excited to swim si Mame, lol

mom and me
morning swim with this one

parents 2
my parents

feeling bagets, haha

they loved it there!


Aba at sobrang nag-enjoy ang parents ko sa place, nagbabalak na nga bumalik sa fiesta ng hometown namin sa May 2018, hahaha.

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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