Weekend Story: Done with Santa Clarita Diet (the TV Series) + Some Downtime with my PILs

If there’s one thing I got to accomplish last weekend, that would be finishing watching the two full seasons of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. I can truly say that I enjoyed watching the show. It was generally hilarious but one could tell there were some family values being promoted as well. Like how a family should stick together especially when dealing with a strange problem and adjusting to an even stranger situation. In fact, I now look forward to Season 3, provided there will be one in the making (I really think so!).

On Saturday, the hubby and I, along with my PILs arrived in our Bacoor home and stayed there until Sunday afternoon. It was a quick weekend but one we’re grateful for because family time is still family time. Life is short and so let’s make the most of every day, and every weekend for that matter.

Here are a few photos from our weekend:

roast combination platter, our North Park must-order

with my PILs

inside Madonna del Divino Amore Parish in Ayala Southvale, Alabang

dinner at All Day Supermarket, Vista Mall, Molino, Bacoor

Whenever we want dinner that’s quick and hot and delicious, we just go to the “paluto” area of any All Day Supermarket in Cavite. We pick our meat and veggies, pay for them at the counter and give instructions as to how we like our food to be cooked, and wait for our food to be cooked and served to our table. Easy peasy, right? Plus, their cooking is always good. So far, we’ve tried the ones at Vista Mall Molino and Vista Mall Kawit and on both occasions, we were very satisfied, value and taste wise. Try it some time and see for yourself!

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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