Weekend Story: Chillax in Bacoor + Holidate in Makati with Our Two Mommas

Last long weekend was kinda relaxing and fun. The hubby and I, along with Mame, were in Bacoor as early as Friday night. Aside from a few trips to the wet market and the supermarket, we just spent Saturday and Sunday at home. The hubby went out on Saturday night to meet up with his car club friends while Mame and I stayed home and kept each other company. We drove back to Manila on Sunday night and spent our Monday afternoon in Makati for a holidate with our two mommas. We just had dinner at Via Mare Greenbelt 1 and did a bit of window shopping. We also dropped by Landmark supermarket to buy some supplies. Time spent with family is indeed worth every second. Here’s to more weekends with our loved ones!

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Weekend Story: Starbucks Tambays and Meralco S.O.S.

Last weekend was kind of fun and sad at the same time. Fun because the hubby and I got to stay at our marital home in Bacoor for the weekend and bond over simple activities. Sad because there was still no power in our house due to the fallen electric post in our street. There are only four houses affected (which means the rest of the village has power already!) and unfortunately, ours is one of them.

the source of our little agony at present

We also went to Starbucks twice (thus, the title of this post) because the hubby was studying for a school report. He said he wanted a quiet place to study and thought Starbucks was the perfect choice. When did Starbucks become a quiet place? And to think it’s a mall branch that we visited and people there were all over the place. Oh well, he’s crazy like that. Haha.

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Weekend Highlights

Last weekend was a blast. I hope all weekends are like that. So light and fun and happy. All of the things I did was enjoyable and I even got to spend some quality bonding time with my family and the hubby.


On Saturday, I went shopping at my fave department store with my mom and my sister. Landmark Makati never fails to amaze me with its dirt-cheap clothes. Their accessories and bazaar sections are the best. I’ve always found treasures in them.

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The District, First Ayala Mall in Cavite

Yesterday afternoon, the hubby suddenly invited me to go out. It was unusual because I was always the one dragging him to different places to unwind. Haha. Anyway, of course I said yes immediately. He was talking about an Ayala development somewhere along Aguinaldo Highway. After a 20-minute car ride, we reached The District, the first Ayala mall in Cavite.


The mall is already open to the public although most of the shops are still closed and construction is on going at one side of the complex. We saw several shops and restaurants that are already entertaining customers. They were Globe Business Center, Payless Shoe Store, People are People, Bench, Mendrez, Army Navy, Burgoo, Sumosam, Wee Nam Kee, Starbucks Coffee, Jollibee, and our favorite Manang’s Chicken. Opening soon are the popular J.Co Donuts and BonChon Chicken, among others.

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