Life is a trade-off.

“To be able to accept fully, you must give up willingly.” ~Anonymous

If life has one great limitation aside from the fact that it has an end, it’s that it can never give you everything. It can give you one thing, but not the other. It cannot give you both. And when that rare time comes that you do get both, it means you’re just getting lucky and the chance that it could happen again is very slim.

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Yes, I do believe that life is a trade-off. It’s funny because this realization hit me after I watched an action movie last week. I’m not so sure, but I think it’s from the movie John Wick (which was highly-entertaining, by the way). The main antagonist there mentioned about it, how life is all about trade-offs and compromises. Indeed, you really can’t have all the things you wish for. I’ve known about this before, but its relevance today, in this fast-paced world we live in, makes it a subject worth discussing and reflecting on again.

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My Happiness

A woman’s mood is very much like the weather. It’s unpredictable yet still controllable. I, myself, experience different moods every single day. Sometimes I’m ecstatic, sometimes I’m depressed. Sometimes I’m excited, sometimes I’m bored. Sometimes I’m productive, sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I feel like talking to my husband for hours, sometimes I prefer to be quiet and alone.

When I’m happy (like I am today!), my mind is filled with happy thoughts. Most of the time, these happy thoughts make me grateful and calm and joyous. I enjoy these combined feelings and prolong them as much as I can. Because I know that they’re temporary and about to change sooner or later.

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