My Happiness

A woman’s mood is very much like the weather. It’s unpredictable yet still controllable. I, myself, experience different moods every single day. Sometimes I’m ecstatic, sometimes I’m depressed. Sometimes I’m excited, sometimes I’m bored. Sometimes I’m productive, sometimes I’m lazy. Sometimes I feel like talking to my husband for hours, sometimes I prefer to be quiet and alone.

When I’m happy (like I am today!), my mind is filled with happy thoughts. Most of the time, these happy thoughts make me grateful and calm and joyous. I enjoy these combined feelings and prolong them as much as I can. Because I know that they’re temporary and about to change sooner or later.

While there are many things that make me sad, there are even more things that make me happy. Every day, I tell myself to be thankful for every little thing that I have, for the people dear to me that I get to share my life with, and focus on the things that make me happy instead of the things that make me sad.

I know it’s a cliché, but it’s very true. Happiness is a choice. You just have to choose the things (and people) that will make you happy and will add meaning and color to your life. I think that’s where a person’s happiness lies. Or at least, my own. 🙂

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