The Last Student in the Family

My sister Jodie is now in her last year as a college student. Classes opened just last week at their university. Oh, how time flies so fast! She used to be a tiny girl whom I used to send to and fetch from kindergarten. Next year, she’ll be a fresh graduate already. And she’ll start to look for a job and find one.

My sister Jodie is one tough cookie. She’s actually a working student. She’s a part-time tour guide at the restaurant where I still work albeit occasionally na lang (we have the same job there). I still pay for her tuition fees, though, and my two other siblings provide for her daily allowance. The money she earns from her part-time job she spends in her school projects and other personal expenses.

I remember when I was still in elementary my bag was filled with textbooks. My shoulders would be sore at the end of the day because of the heavy load. If only I could sell back textbooks then, I would have earned some money from it. Just kidding. It’s impossible to do because textbooks in public schools (where I studied) are owned by the government and students just borrow them for a limited period.

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