Our Banker

Remember the last graduate in our family? It didn’t take long before she landed her first job. Actually, she got accepted as teller at a local bank even before graduation day. Her formal training started just yesterday and soon, she’ll start working at her assigned branch. I’m just so so proud of my sister Jodie!

the graduate with our mom

I can only wish her success as she starts her own career in the banking industry. It’s not gonna be a joy ride, for sure. There would be hard times, but I believe in her, I know she’s a toughie despite her small body frame. I’m very excited over this new chapter in her young life. So promising, so full of hope. We now have a banker in the family. Wohooo!

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The Last Student in the Family

My sister Jodie is now in her last year as a college student. Classes opened just last week at their university. Oh, how time flies so fast! She used to be a tiny girl whom I used to send to and fetch from kindergarten. Next year, she’ll be a fresh graduate already. And she’ll start to look for a job and find one.

My sister Jodie is one tough cookie. She’s actually a working student. She’s a part-time tour guide at the restaurant where I still work albeit occasionally na lang (we have the same job there). I still pay for her tuition fees, though, and my two other siblings provide for her daily allowance. The money she earns from her part-time job she spends in her school projects and other personal expenses.

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