Our Banker

Remember the last graduate in our family? It didn’t take long before she landed her first job. Actually, she got accepted as teller at a local bank even before graduation day. Her formal training started just yesterday and soon, she’ll start working at her assigned branch. I’m just so so proud of my sister Jodie!

the graduate with our mom

I can only wish her success as she starts her own career in the banking industry. It’s not gonna be a joy ride, for sure. There would be hard times, but I believe in her, I know she’s a toughie despite her small body frame. I’m very excited over this new chapter in her young life. So promising, so full of hope. We now have a banker in the family. Wohooo!

Best of luck, bunso! Work hard, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, and don’t forget to thank the Lord for all His blessings to you. 🙂

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  1. Congrats to your sister! I wanted to be a banker before but only because they look so smart in their uniforms. I can never be one because I’m so bad at math. 🙂

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