Our Banker

Remember the last graduate in our family? It didn’t take long before she landed her first job. Actually, she got accepted as teller at a local bank even before graduation day. Her formal training started just yesterday and soon, she’ll start working at her assigned branch. I’m just so so proud of my sister Jodie!

the graduate with our mom

I can only wish her success as she starts her own career in the banking industry. It’s not gonna be a joy ride, for sure. There would be hard times, but I believe in her, I know she’s a toughie despite her small body frame. I’m very excited over this new chapter in her young life. So promising, so full of hope. We now have a banker in the family. Wohooo!

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Holy Week 2014

We had a simple but fun and meaningful Holy Week break. The hubby and I were joined by my two siblings Jodie and Son at home in Bacoor. But we went to Cavite only after we finished the traditional Visita Iglesia in Manila. We visited a total of seven churches, as usual.

my energetic mom joined us during the Visita Iglesia

On Good Friday, we just stayed at home the entire morning and early afternoon. I baked a chocolate cake out of boredom and it turned out so good. We ate it after every meal until the very last slice was eaten up.

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The Last Graduate

The last remaining student in the family will be graduating soon. It’s on May 13th, to be exact. The entire family is beaming with pride. Indeed, we are proud of Jodie, our bunso who is graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Banking and Finance from a state university. We’re also glad that all four of us siblings in the family have already finished college. Our parents have finally fulfilled their dream of giving us the best gift they could give us — education.

Anyway, Jodie’s journey to graduation wasn’t an easy one. For one, she was a working student (though it wasn’t forced on her). She really made use of her time wisely so she could earn money while studying. Her patience and faith were also tested during her final semester where she had to complete her graduation requirements before getting into the list of candidates for graduation. She was lacking her form 137-a, of all documents! I didn’t know what happened there but it must be the result of some kind of negligence from either the university, the high school or my sister herself.

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Proud Sister

Well, I just got prouder. Of my fresh-grad sister N who is now working. Yesterday was technically her first day at work. She said she’s enjoying her job and that’s good to hear. I hope she adjusts fast and well to the working environment there and remains focus on her goals.

In my sister’s case, landing a job didn’t come that easy. She’s experienced getting rejected by some companies either because she didn’t pass the qualifying exams or had no work experience to complement her resume. It was a good thing she didn’t give up that easy. She tried and tried until she succeeded.

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On Sibling Fights

As the eldest child in our family, I serve as a role model to my three younger siblings (two girls and one boy). As much as I want to stay calm at all times when dealing with any of them, there are instances when I lose my temper, get mad and become upset. I’m just a human being, after all.

The thing that upsets me the most is when my siblings fight over petty things and end up wanting to hurt each other physically. The eldest that I am, I feel it is my duty to show them what diplomacy means and how it works. It takes a lot of my energy and can be exhausting at times, but it’s the only way to solve any fight, may it be between siblings or not.

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Is Graduate School for Me?

My plan to pursue higher studies has long been sitting in the corner. I have always wanted to get a graduate degree but my duties and responsibilities to my family have been my priority in the last seven years. I felt I was more needed there.

I have this strong assumption that next year is the perfect time for me to attend graduate school. I want an MBA or an MPA, whichever is best for me. I need a graduate degree to advance my career and inspire my siblings to do the same when the right time comes. I have already made a deal (more like a pact!) with my Superfriend that we’re enrolling next year. Just in case I back out, I told her to remind me of my promise and never let me get away with it.

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