Proud Sister

Well, I just got prouder. Of my fresh-grad sister N who is now working. Yesterday was technically her first day at work. She said she’s enjoying her job and that’s good to hear. I hope she adjusts fast and well to the working environment there and remains focus on her goals.

In my sister’s case, landing a job didn’t come that easy. She’s experienced getting rejected by some companies either because she didn’t pass the qualifying exams or had no work experience to complement her resume. It was a good thing she didn’t give up that easy. She tried and tried until she succeeded.

I’m just glad that my sister is the brave type of job seeker. One that does not allow failures to stop her from getting to her goal of landing a job. I know she still has a lot of challenges to face in the coming days and months as she immerses herself into the real world that is the workplace. But one thing’s sure, my sister will always find a way to make things happen. 🙂

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