Weekend Story: Crazy Workload, ASEAN Summit Gala Dinner, and Other Stuff

I was swamped with work the entire month of April. Actually, I was crazy busy in the office even before that time. We were handling five big events and my officemates and I were really having a hard time managing our time. Like it was beyond-what-our-human-bodies-could-take kind of thing already. There was just so much to do with so little time and energy from our part. We prepared early but it seemed all our preparations weren’t enough. After publishing my first weekend story for the month, I couldn’t get myself to publish the next ones so I decided to just publish them all in one go today. Yes, only today when I’m as free as a bird again, work wise.

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Proud Sister

Well, I just got prouder. Of my fresh-grad sister N who is now working. Yesterday was technically her first day at work. She said she’s enjoying her job and that’s good to hear. I hope she adjusts fast and well to the working environment there and remains focus on her goals.

In my sister’s case, landing a job didn’t come that easy. She’s experienced getting rejected by some companies either because she didn’t pass the qualifying exams or had no work experience to complement her resume. It was a good thing she didn’t give up that easy. She tried and tried until she succeeded.

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