Is Graduate School for Me?

My plan to pursue higher studies has long been sitting in the corner. I have always wanted to get a graduate degree but my duties and responsibilities to my family have been my priority in the last seven years. I felt I was more needed there.

I have this strong assumption that next year is the perfect time for me to attend graduate school. I want an MBA or an MPA, whichever is best for me. I need a graduate degree to advance my career and inspire my siblings to do the same when the right time comes. I have already made a deal (more like a pact!) with my Superfriend that we’re enrolling next year. Just in case I back out, I told her to remind me of my promise and never let me get away with it.

My mind is in panic mode as early as now. I haven’t stepped into a university for so long. I don’t even remember how it feels to enter the school gates, to ask the guards for directions, to talk to teachers and interact with fellow students. To do an assignment, to work on a term paper, to take the final exam, and to get grades. To eat at the cafeteria during break, to check out the nearest library, to find the books and school supplies I need at the bookstore. I’m at a loss. Everything I know about school seems to be blurry in my head.

Will grad school welcome me with open arms just as how the university did when I entered as a freshman seven years ago? Will I be able to cope with and rise above the challenges of student life again?

I’m excited and scared at the same time.

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