The Last Graduate

The last remaining student in the family will be graduating soon. It’s on May 13th, to be exact. The entire family is beaming with pride. Indeed, we are proud of Jodie, our bunso who is graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Banking and Finance from a state university. We’re also glad that all four of us siblings in the family have already finished college. Our parents have finally fulfilled their dream of giving us the best gift they could give us — education.

Anyway, Jodie’s journey to graduation wasn’t an easy one. For one, she was a working student (though it wasn’t forced on her). She really made use of her time wisely so she could earn money while studying. Her patience and faith were also tested during her final semester where she had to complete her graduation requirements before getting into the list of candidates for graduation. She was lacking her form 137-a, of all documents! I didn’t know what happened there but it must be the result of some kind of negligence from either the university, the high school or my sister herself.

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The Last Student in the Family

My sister Jodie is now in her last year as a college student. Classes opened just last week at their university. Oh, how time flies so fast! She used to be a tiny girl whom I used to send to and fetch from kindergarten. Next year, she’ll be a fresh graduate already. And she’ll start to look for a job and find one.

My sister Jodie is one tough cookie. She’s actually a working student. She’s a part-time tour guide at the restaurant where I still work albeit occasionally na lang (we have the same job there). I still pay for her tuition fees, though, and my two other siblings provide for her daily allowance. The money she earns from her part-time job she spends in her school projects and other personal expenses.

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