Weekend Story: Chill Saturday at Home + Proxy Ninang Duties in Biñan, Laguna

Last weekend was pretty ordinary but fun, as always. We drove home in Bacoor on Saturday afternoon with Mame because we were attending the baptismal rites of a relative’s baby daughter in Biñan, Laguna on Sunday morning. My sister Jodie was one of the godparents but she couldn’t go so she asked me to serve as proxy ninang (you owe me one, sestra!). It was our first time to visit the church there and the mall beside it (Southwoods Mall). They were very accessible pala if you’ll go there via SLEX. As in they are the first buildings you’ll see after you make a right turn to Southwoods exit coming from Manila.

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The Power of Faith

There is a mass scheduled every Monday at the chapel in our office building. While the priests officiating the Monday mass vary, it’s always the same people who attend it. I was able to attend the mass today. The Chinese priest who gave the sermon talked about faith and how people should never let it get out of our system.

He gave example of a friend who had been looking for a boyfriend for a long time. She continuously prayed for it while serving God as member of the Legion of Mary and doing volunteer work on the side. One day she met her soul mate in the US during a volunteer work she was participating in. They’re going to get married in May. Her deep faith in God led her to the man of his dreams. The power of faith is really amazing and immeasurable. It applies to so many things other than finding love.

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