Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. VI

On July 21, 2014, my 30-year old self braved the financially rewarding yet dangerous world of stock market investing. I have never looked back since that time. Officially on my fourth year in my COL Financial journey today, I wish I have new lessons to share with you based on my first-hand account but I haven’t really been paying that much attention to my portfolio in the past months. The market has been down since February and all I’ve been doing is receiving dividends (which always makes my day!) and buying stocks (they are sold at bargain prices these days!) when I have extra money to deposit to my COL Financial account.

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Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. IV

Today marks my second year of investing directly in the Philippine stock market through COL Financial. So far, everything’s okay. I have a number of paper losses but my profit way exceeds its amount so technically, I’m just losing a part of it, not my capital. Also, as long as I don’t sell the losing stock positions, the paper losses will just be imaginary.

Here are more lessons I feel compelled to share with you as I continue on this exciting financial journey:

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COL Financial’s Mobile App is Now Here!

I have recently opened an account with COL Financial and so far, my experience with this online broker has been pretty good. I don’t have any gains from my stocks yet (hopefully my money will start growing soon!) but I try to keep calm and steady. I now see myself as a risk-taker kind of investor so I believe everything’s gonna be okay sooner or later. But anyway, the good news I want to share is that they finally launched their mobile app!

col mobile app

I actually learned about this development from my college friend who posted about it on Facebook. Being an iPhone user, I immediately followed the instructions and downloaded the app. (As per the poster above, Android and tablet versions are not yet available.) The information you can find inside are almost complete: stocks portfolio, stock codes, buy and sell orders, trading info, stock market updates, etc. It’s not user-friendly at the moment and the interface is not so good, either. But let’s give COL Financial the time to improve/upgrade it in the coming days or months.

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Learning About the Stock Market

I happened to get a copy of Bo Sanchez’s e-book entitled, “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market…And Why You Should, Too!” I read it last week and learned some good investment-related wisdom. It even made me want to invest in the stock market pronto. I think I’ll get to that sooner or later. For now, I’ll save up more money first.

Bo Sanchez’s explanation is pretty plain and simple. He made me understand how the stock market works. He made me find out how I too, can earn money from it. Just like what his three domestic helpers do at present. However, I still have a lot of questions left unanswered. Things like, how long should I keep my shares in a certain company for it to be qualified to earn a dividend? Or how much money should I invest in the stock market for me to gain an average profit? Or how long would it take for me to really gain a profit?

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