Learning About the Stock Market

I happened to get a copy of Bo Sanchez’s e-book entitled, “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market…And Why You Should, Too!” I read it last week and learned some good investment-related wisdom. It even made me want to invest in the stock market pronto. I think I’ll get to that sooner or later. For now, I’ll save up more money first.

Bo Sanchez’s explanation is pretty plain and simple. He made me understand how the stock market works. He made me find out how I too, can earn money from it. Just like what his three domestic helpers do at present. However, I still have a lot of questions left unanswered. Things like, how long should I keep my shares in a certain company for it to be qualified to earn a dividend? Or how much money should I invest in the stock market for me to gain an average profit? Or how long would it take for me to really gain a profit?

The stock market is a tough market. It’s either you earn money or lose it. But as Bo Sanchez said, it’s the traders who lose money in the stock market. The investors, on the other hand, they earn money most of the time because they take good care of their shares and know when to sell or buy them.

I would like to invest in the stock market someday. I guess if I’m serious with this one, I should read up more on how the stock market really works. A very deep understanding is key here. By the way, Bo Sanchez recommends COLFinancial.com for those who would like to invest in the stock market as it provides complete access to your account online. 🙂

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  1. I have been buying stocks thru COL Financial for the last three years. I haven’t reached my target amount yet. Though I follow the cost averaging, still there are times that I froze because the market is down. 🙂

    1. Hi there! Patience is a virtue. Soon you’ll reach your target amount, don’t worry. Hopefully, I can push thru opening an account with them soon and blog about it. 🙂

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