There’s a Lot to Improve On

When you’re doing a job for more than a decade already, it’s safe to assume that you’re now at a certain level of competency at it. But then, that’s not always the case. There are some people who never learn. People who remain semi-capable or worse, incapable, of doing their job despite the length of time they’ve been doing the same old tasks. How frustrating can that be for the people who work with them?

As for me, I’m happy to report that I’ve already developed a system when it comes to how I do things at work. But just like what I learned from the 3-day seminar I attended last month, one should never be too complacent. There’s still a lot to improve on in whatever you do. In my line of work, I know there are still some things I’m not adept at and that’s why I continue to work on it. I never stop finding ways on how to do things more efficiently.

One way to know where you’re lacking at is to “sense” things. Just like the lace sensor at guitar center that helps guitars produce great music (please pardon my analogy but I hope you get my point), knowing how to sense or identify your mistakes and weaknesses at work is the first step to changing how things are. I don’t wanna sound like a genius here, though. I’m just sharing my experience and how I’ve dealt with work-related issues and concerns in the past.

Have a happy and productive Monday, people! 🙂

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