Dieting in the Office

I find it hard to limit my food intake during weekends. It’s really hard because that’s the only time we get to dine out and the only time I get to cook a lot. So, imagine my relief to be in the office all weekdays where I can watch what I eat and control my portions. Yes, dieting in the office seems to work for me.

In the office, we get free packed meals during lunch time. While I appreciate the fact that they’re given to us for free (subsidized by our office, no less), I appreciate it more that they’re usually boring and tasteless. I get to eat only a small portion of it and sometimes, none at all. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t go to waste nor do I get hungry because I bring the packed meal to my in-laws’ place where the hubby and I have lunch together every weekday.) So, it’s either I let my husband eat it and then I eat the available food at my in-law’s kitchen. Or, the hubby and I don’t eat the packed meal and let the house dog (hello Ondoy!) feed on it and then we eat the available food in the house. Smart, right?

Now, the difficult part with this setup is when an officemate treats us to lunch or merienda following a certain personal milestone (e.g. birthdays, job promotions, etc.). That’s when my dieting in the office gets ruined. But hey, it’s not a bad thing at all because it allows me to have my cheat days, too. Plus, treats or blowouts like those don’t happen everyday. 🙂

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