Zinc Lozenges for Cold Remedy

I have a bad case of cold and my head is starting to spin again. I don’t want to take a leave from work because I feel that staying at home and doing nothing will just worsen my condition. It doesn’t help that it’s raining hard outside and network signals have suddenly disappeared. My phone’s battery is also acting up I think I’d need some portable phone batteries anytime soon. I was looking up cold remedies online a few minutes ago and came across zinc lozenges. I learned it’s a good cold remedy and it soothes sore throats as well.

If I get a headache this afternoon, I’ll take a paracetamol to combat the pain. I’ll also ask someone to get those zinc lozenges for me so I could be well fast. I really hate getting sick. Here’s some information about zinc lozenges I got from RealSimple.com:

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Must Love Orange

I love orange, both the color and the fruit. I wear orange-colored tops even if they make me look darker than I already am. For me, orange is a vibrant color and helps brighten my mood. As with the fruit, I eat oranges not only because of its Vitamin C content but also because of its citrusy, sweet taste.


The rainy season makes me crave for oranges. Whenever I feel that I’m going to catch cold, I eat oranges to prevent it. I just can’t afford to get sick and be idle. Especially these days when I’m always swamped with work and there’s very little time for me to do the things I love: watching Korean dramas, checking out my fave blogs, marveling at the latest sportswear and stickem archery equipment, experimenting in the kitchen, reading a book and going out with the fiancee.

Do you like orange as well?

Battling Cough and Cold

I don’t feel good today. Actually, it’s ever since last week. My cough and cold remains active with no hint of disappearing anytime soon. I fight with them by drinking lots and lots of fluids and taking a daily dose of Vitamin C.

As much as possible, I try not to depend on medicines to get better. I think the last over-the-counter drug I bought was Ascof Lagundi and it was like, months ago? The poor cough syrup was not effective on me, though. I ended up producing more phlegm than usual which led to longer recovery.

Battling with cough and cold is hard. But at least I only get sick once or twice a year and they’re just simple ones like fever, cough and cold. In my seven years of stay in the city, I have not been hospitalized yet. God knows I never want this to happen, not even once. I absolutely dread hospitals. I know most people do.

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