Zinc Lozenges for Cold Remedy

I have a bad case of cold and my head is starting to spin again. I don’t want to take a leave from work because I feel that staying at home and doing nothing will just worsen my condition. It doesn’t help that it’s raining hard outside and network signals have suddenly disappeared. My phone’s battery is also acting up I think I’d need some portable phone batteries anytime soon. I was looking up cold remedies online a few minutes ago and came across zinc lozenges. I learned it’s a good cold remedy and it soothes sore throats as well.

If I get a headache this afternoon, I’ll take a paracetamol to combat the pain. I’ll also ask someone to get those zinc lozenges for me so I could be well fast. I really hate getting sick. Here’s some information about zinc lozenges I got from RealSimple.com:

Zinc Lozenges

Try them when: You have mild soreness along with a stuffy nose. Pop in one every two to four hours as needed.

How they work: These coat the throat to soothe red, raw tissue. In addition, as the zinc ions dissolve, they migrate up the nose, where they bind to and may halt the virus causing a cold. A study conducted at Wayne State University, in Detroit, showed that patients who took zinc lozenges every two to three waking hours cut the duration of a cold by almost half. And since most sore throats come with a cold, start sucking on a lozenge at the first signs of pain. Look for drops that contain zinc gluconate, which is easier on the stomach than other forms, and take them with food to reduce the risk of queasiness.

I just found out from a friend that zinc lozenges are not available in drug stores, not even at Watsons. Instead, it can be bought at Healthy Options. Hmmm, I wonder how much it cost. I’ll tell you the price once I get them.

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