Stylish Accessories from Accessorize London

I was strolling around Mall of Asia (MOA) with the fiancee when I first chanced upon this accessory shop. Aptly named Accessorize London, it sells stylish and fashionable jewelry, bags, belts, head pieces and foot wear that are sure to brighten anyone’s outfit.

don’t you just love my necklace’s bird pendant?

The store was having a sort of end-of-season sale then and you could buy items at 70% off. The frugal in me suddenly became in hyper mode. I perused through the racks and found two really nice necklaces and a bracelet. Actually, I had a hard time choosing jewelry pieces because everything on display was just gorgeous.


Aside from their MOA store, Accessorize London has a branch at Robinson’s Place Ermita. I have checked out that store once and I can say they have bigger space and more merchandise than the one in MOA. It’s nearer to my place so this is where I plan to go on my next visit. 🙂

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