Weekend Story: 5th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Our fifth wedding anniversary called for a celebration and deserved a long weekend so the hubby and I both filed for a leave last Friday. We then checked into Acacia Hotel in Alabang for a staycation (just what we needed after an exhausting work week!). Acacia Hotel didn’t disappoint, from the room accommodation and hotel facilities to the friendly service and breakfast buffet. Everything was beyond what we expected so we ended up having an awesome overnight stay. The rest of our weekend was spent with family: malling with my in-laws on Saturday night and driving up to Antipolo to hear mass and having a family dinner at Robinsons Place Ermita on Sunday. It was a fun weekend and we are grateful for the happy memories created and shared.

Here are several photos depicting our weekend activities:

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Stylish Accessories from Accessorize London

I was strolling around Mall of Asia (MOA) with the fiancee when I first chanced upon this accessory shop. Aptly named Accessorize London, it sells stylish and fashionable jewelry, bags, belts, head pieces and foot wear that are sure to brighten anyone’s outfit.

don’t you just love my necklace’s bird pendant?

The store was having a sort of end-of-season sale then and you could buy items at 70% off. The frugal in me suddenly became in hyper mode. I perused through the racks and found two really nice necklaces and a bracelet. Actually, I had a hard time choosing jewelry pieces because everything on display was just gorgeous.

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Reservation is Full

Well, that was the exact answer I got from the Spanish restaurant in Intramuros I wanted to visit tonight. I know I tried making a reservation too late but from what I gathered, they’re fully-booked until Friday night. This left me with no choice but to reserve a table for three for next week instead. But I’m still undecided on the date, might as well make the booking early next week.

Hmmm, but I really want to go out tonight because I don’t have work at the restaurant. At the very least, I think I would like to check out Robinsons Place Ermita (my fave mall back in college) or Mall of Asia to get my ice cream fix at Dairy Queen and do some shopping. My brother D has been bugging me to get him a new belt, much like those rocawear belts he saw online. (He doesn’t have time to go malling these days because he spends a lot of time reviewing for the LET.) I think I also need new shoes. I hope to get a pair. Or two. Haha.

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Dinner-less Tuesday

I was supposed to not have dinner last Tuesday but I ended up having a delicious plate of Tuscan Chicken meal (P199) from Figaro-Robinson’s Ermita Branch. It had a small serving of pasta in red sauce, chicken fillets with herbs and spices and some salad. It was light and flavorful and I loved it. I didn’t touch the iced tea that came with it, though, because I was limiting my caffeine intake. I was with Edwin and he gladly drank it instead.

figaro dinner
Figaro’s Tuscan Chicken meal

So, why dinner-less Tuesday still? Well, I actually want to try doing it for a month. Like how I wanted to have a meatless day, a no-sweets day and a no-caffeine day before. This is my way of disciplining myself when it comes to food. I am a voracious eater, you know. Pigging out used to be my pastime until I learned to value my health. Now I watch what I eat and strive to balance the variety of food I consume.

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