Dinner-less Tuesday

I was supposed to not have dinner last Tuesday but I ended up having a delicious plate of Tuscan Chicken meal (P199) from Figaro-Robinson’s Ermita Branch. It had a small serving of pasta in red sauce, chicken fillets with herbs and spices and some salad. It was light and flavorful and I loved it. I didn’t touch the iced tea that came with it, though, because I was limiting my caffeine intake. I was with Edwin and he gladly drank it instead.

figaro dinner
Figaro’s Tuscan Chicken meal

So, why dinner-less Tuesday still? Well, I actually want to try doing it for a month. Like how I wanted to have a meatless day, a no-sweets day and a no-caffeine day before. This is my way of disciplining myself when it comes to food. I am a voracious eater, you know. Pigging out used to be my pastime until I learned to value my health. Now I watch what I eat and strive to balance the variety of food I consume.

Dinner-less Tuesday. It sounds feasible, right? I plan to do this next week and this blog post should serve as a reminder to me. I intentionally chose Tuesday because I had something better to do with Monday. That I will share soon. For now, wish me luck, will you?

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