Earthquake and Tsunami Preparations

With the strong earthquake (8.9 magnitude) and tsunami that hit Japan yesterday (March 11), people all over the world have been worried at some point. These worries are much more intense in the neighboring countries such as Indonesia, China and the Philippines. Here in Manila, as I was glued to CNN yesterday, I couldn’t help but feel sad about the extensive devastation Japan is facing now. There has been no amount released yet, but I can assume it’s already in billions of dollars. Plus, the lives lost. This is a tough time in Japan and I hope they get through this ordeal bravely and efficiently. Unity among its people and the rest of the world is a must now to restore its affected communities back to working order as soon as possible.

Should it happened to our country instead of Japan, I wonder where we would have been at this point. We cannot afford this lost because we’re a poor nation. We just don’t have the resources for this catastrophe. Last night while the rest of the Philippines was waiting for the coming of the expected tsunami in our coastlines, my imagination ran wild. I thought of horrible scenes that only happen in movies. It can’t be helped because what’s happening these days has been shown in sci-fi films before. It’s like these films know exactly what this world is destined or doomed for. I know the thought is plain crazy but it’s true because it’s happening now.

As for earthquake and tsunami preparations, the key is to stay calm and alert. Let’s prepare ourselves for emergency situations like this. Prepare, always prepare. We can never tell what will happen today, tomorrow and in the coming days. These things cannot be predicted, after all. It’s also our faith in God that we should continue to keep and nurture for our protection. Only Him could spare us from all these horrible disasters. I can’t overemphasize the need to establish a good relationship with the Almighty because He alone can save us.

When I learned about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, I immediately contacted my cousins who work there thru FB. I was overjoyed to learn they were safe. I wish our affected brethren in Japan face this problem with an open mind and heart. I wish for their continued enthusiasm and fast recovery. This is a tough time for them and they need all the support they can get. Let’s continue to pray for their safety.

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