Fear of the Unknown

I just sent a private email to an undisclosed recipient in the hope that by doing so, I’d be able to face my fear. Yes, I get to experience fear of the unknown occasionally. No matter how much I have prepared for something, no matter how much positive thinking I apply, I still get the ‘shivers’ each time I try to visualize the outcome of things. I always get scared to know the truth because most of the time, truth hurts.

No, this isn’t about my relationship with the boyfriend. We’re okay and happy together. This is about a decision I made last year that has not gotten results yet. I’m getting more and more nervous and anxious already. That’s why I mustered enough courage to do the right thing, and that was to get my message across. Hopefully, the unknown gets to have a face in the coming days. I am definitely looking forward to look it in the eye. By that time, I am certain I’ll get my much-needed peace of mind.

Do you have fear of the unknown? What is it and how do you deal with it?

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